#17 Utakei – Weapon

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Every day the stirring in my guts becomes a little big stronger, just a little big angrier. I don’t think that it will be much longer before it’s ready.

No one knows who created the idea. It was so many generations ago, before the First Rebellion. When the rebellion was crushed, the Masters destroyed all records and technology they could find, hoping to prevent another uprising. It also destroyed so much of our history, our culture. All we know about the beginning, the world before the Masters, is the stories and legends that parents have passed down to their children, telling of the peaceful plains and wide open skies, of freedom and choice.

After the Second Rebellion, The Masters watched us carefully. They placed cameras and spies everywhere, searching for any signs of unrest. Where unrest was found, it was put down with finality. Their soldiers and bombs destroyed entire villages for a few unwise words.

They took away our technology, only letting us use it while we labored in their factories and fields. We were left to scrabble what we could out of the harsh dry land with the rusty metal tools that they felt safe to leave with us.

None of their attempts to weaken us matter. The seeds of our salvation had already been planted years ago, before even the First Rebellion. The Masters have long questioned our wisdom. How we attack stronger forces every time, all but guaranteeing our defeat. They say it shows that we are not intelligent, that we still require their stewardship and that it is only right we serve them in repayment.

The Rebellions were not uprisings, but distractions, to cement the Masters confidence and give us time, time to grow. The genes were laid in the children of a long forgotten generation, a small change to an organ evolution had long made obsolete.

Now we are all carriers, every one of us feels the throbbing gland in our guts. The generations of mutations have changed the bacteria, making it strong, vicious and hungry. Hungry for the Masters.

The Masters watch us as we serve them, from their lowest factories to their highest towers, from the most distant colony to the Imperial Homeplanet. And they do not see the danger of us.

Some of us are afraid of what will happen, but the decision was made long before. The days pass, and the stirring grows.

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