#17 – Wendigos

| November 18, 2011 | 1 Comment

To say that the undead are merely reanimated corpses is to deny the dark, warping power that animates them. The Wendigo is a good example of the distorting powers of darkness. The legends say that there is one, original, inhuman entity, called The Wendigo. What happens to it’s victims is not readily known, although they begin to change and corrupt in painfull ways well before they die. These Wendigos pictured here are the end results of the unholy metamorphosis- bestial, inhuman forms filled with the frozen rage of the north. They will come out of the squalls, from the whiteness of the storm, to tear victims limb from limb, to drag them screaming up into the skies. And the unlucky ones, they are taken away… to The Wendigo.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Horror

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Hello, everyone. My name is Gregory Gibbons, and I've been drawing for a long, long time. Check out my website to see some of my gallery stuff, and my little flash games, too.

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  1. Octrapenny says:

    Fantastic work, Greg. I love the hint of light rays, and the dead tree-like horns. It was a treat to find the two Wendigos in the background too.

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