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CHARACTER NAME:  Koku, of the Ninja Brothers




CONCEPT:  ”Koku si the big brother ninja and he looks after his family and protects them from the evil ninjas.  he’s really good with his swords and can do really scary ninja tricks.”


So when the mood strikes my son (and that is quite often) and he wants to make up “superguys”, “superdudes”, “supermans”… I pull out a bunch of templates I made for him and he picks out everything from the style of boots to the color scheme of the various costume options presented before him.  I then draw quick sketch, and he edits, adds, etc…  I then draw up the character and he hangs them in his room…if they meet his ultimate judgement.  Then I make him come up with a story for each character.



THE NINJA BROTHERS is a story that my son started to tell me one night before bedtime.  Perhaps in an attempt to put off the impending lights-out, the story of three long-lost brothers became almost epic in its proportions spreading out over a few evenings and interweaving all of his interests  – superheroes, spies, ninjas, and magic.

KOKU is the eldest of the three NINJA BROTHERS.  He takes his role as the self-perceived head of the family very seriously.  “He’s like Cyclops [of the X-Men] who is always mad at people because he is the boss.”  Koku is very focused- to the point of disconnect with reality and at times, the family and townspeople he has sworn to protect.  When he and his younger brother BIRQ began to train in the mystic arts of the ninja, he never doubted for a second that they would be able to rescue STINGUT, their baby brother, from the clutches of the evil ninja master who controlled almost every aspect of the lives of the people in the town they lived in.  Koku is loyal and determined.  There is no doubt that he is a master swordsman and an imposing physical and mystic threat for one so young, but his driving ambition often blinds him to the simple pleasures of a life he is so determined to protect that he almost doesn’t realize what he is fighting for.

Koku, like Birq and Stingut, is highly skilled at hand to hand combat and mystic ninja magic.  He is renowned as a swordsman and his homemade weapons are rumored to be enchanted.  Like all of his brothers, he carries a magic short sword in addition to the rest of his well-honed bladed arsenal.


Thanks for checking out our stuff, my son is very excited to share his ideas with everyone here.


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