Day 17: The Electric Girl

| November 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #17, “The Electric Girl”. No, this is not something I just whipped up, I’ve held onto this idea for a while and this is how she’s supposed to look.

The Electric Girl was originally the daughter of a scientist. When she went into a coma, the man tried all he could to be able to get through to her. At last, he made this giant machine and hooked her up to it, it turned her brainwaves into electricity. The girl found out her conscience could control the electricity, and with her body knocked out, she could communicate with it. The Electric Girl everyone sees is just for show, an electricity generated image she displays as herself. The girl enjoys to make things out of the electricity, and she can generate anything she can think of into electricity. However, her space is confined to a large glass dome with the electrical receptors hooked up to it, she can’t go anywhere outside it.

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