#17 – Evelyn Pierce

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As with so many super-heroes, Evelyn’s powers manifested when she was a teenager, immersed in the complex stresses of adolescence and high school. In short order, her hair turned a deep green, which earned no small amount of mockery from her classmates at Ravensbrook High. That would not be the end of her troubles, though.

She soon discovered that she could communicate to plant life – and that plants were terrifying. They spoke to her of their primal needs and their unreasoning desires, which nearly drove her mad. Even worse, she was able to affect the plants themselves, although she wasn’t sure if she was controlling them or if they were using her to gain more power. After she accidentally killed her best friend, Evelyn’s family moved to Arizona. When she turned eighteen, she moved to a small house in the desert, as far from plant life as she could reasonably get. Her plan was to stay away from plants and never have to hear their hungry voices again.

All that changed when Department of National Security agent Tanner Quan came to visit her. He had an offer from the government to use her powers for good. But she still can’t control them, and fears that she may do terrible things again.

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