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This marks my second and more effective attempt to create a fantasy/sci-fi character useable in a potential porn comic. Significant credit for influencing facial style (particularly in the nose/lips area) goes to Ovens. Not much story behind Nomia besides she’s a bee. Most of the imagery here developed as I drew her and looked for references. Originally I had planned for her just to be an inexplicably anthropomorphosized bee in some weird world where sentient bees still had menial labor to collect honey.

Potential storlines included:

  • While collecting nectar, Nomia finds a vibrating flower stigma. Sexy solo times ensue.
  •  Nomia returns to the hive after a  long day of nectar collecting and has sexy times with her girlfriend (almost all bees are female)
  • Nomia spills nectar onto a drone and has to make it up to him
Although putting her in a space/sci-fi setting wouldn’t eliminate those options, putting her in a kind of sexy space warrior uniform does – unless she collects nectar for the war effort. Actually that’s pretty good…

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