#18 – Bloodwolf King

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The Bloodwolves are demonic wolves that are infamous for having the personality range of a teaspoon – nothing more than vicious, violent, and cruel. They’re born with dark, navy blue fur. It’s said that they never wash off the blood stains from their enemies, and that the stains turn into permanent red markings that seem to shimmer and glow in the dim light.

Nobody’s quite sure what corrupted these wolves, but many claim that their king might have something to do with it. The Bloodwolf King, one of the demon lords, is known as the most vicious and domineering of the lot. Every single bloodwolf seems to be under the strict control of this king, and his goals are quite clear – to exterminate all other species, demon and human alike, and gain complete control of the realms. At least, thats what people think. Demons and humans find it hard to talk to the Bloodwolf King at all, as he doesn’t seem to understand spoken or written language very well – just lots of killing. Wall and Garden has suggested trying to get him to look at the ancient rune-text, but nobody seems very keen on trying to get a bloodthirsty monster trying to kill them to sit still long enough to read some dead rune language.

Still, while the Bloodwolves are a credible threat to the demon realm, the concern over them is usually shunted aside for more immediate issues. The Bloodwolf King, at least, seems very aware of this, and uses this to his advantage by just doing what he and his enormous “pack” does best.

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