#18 Escher Cat

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Escher Cat

Escher Cat

Escher Cat’s only explanation for herself is that she’s “Just like a cheshire cat, only more confusing.” She’s actually from the Holloworld, a closed underground society that makes fantastic machinery near the earth’s core. She’s a discarded genetic prototype, a mix of tiger, wolf, cheetah and who knows what else, too weird for mass production, but too rare to be killed. Underboss, the leader of Holloworld, tried to keep her trapped within a special prison, where certain laws of physics didn’t apply. However, she was able to navigate it with ease. Part of her construction included a number of unusual navigation abilities, such that she’s never off-balance or spatially confused.  As she explored the prison, she discovered a device (now on her right hand) that allowed her to focus her powers to open little gates into a pocket dimension called sub-space.

So she took the device, used the portals to escape Holloworld, and now she’s on the run from Underboss. When she meets Gunsmoke Jones, she at first tries and fails to take the book,then arbitrarily decides that he needs her protection. Given how crazy she is, he’s not sure about that but honestly, he’s a little scared to tell her that he can take care of himself. It’s easier to just let her tag along. And jumping into subspace occasionally has its benefits, even if it makes him sick sometimes. Also, a lot of the bones, feathers, cloth and stuff she has on her outfit are things that are extremely rare on the surface, things Gunsmoke has only read about on screens.

She has dim memories as a kitten-cub of being given some kind of chemical, so there was a doctor who hid the secret of subspace inside her. She wants to learn some of the Liber Magnum disciplines to hunt down errant memories and find out what happened to her, and why the doctor singled her out to know this.


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