#18 – Princess Catherine

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Princess Catherine is the youngest child and only daughter of the King and Queen of Acmara, an island kingdom far off the coasts of Ireland. The island sits on the center of where three Ley Lines intersect and the island is said to be full of strange magic.  That might have been true once, but only ancient ruins remain by Catherine’s time and the old magic is long forgotten except by an old hermit wizard that befriends the princess and tells her stories of a magical world far different from their day.

When she learns that her parents are trying to marry her off to a prince from a distant kingdom, she defies them and refuses, running to her friend for help.  He convinces her that she must find a look alike to take her place if she is to have any freedom.  He finds one for her in the Land Across Time and they convince the young woman to trade places with Catherine, promising her wealth, royalty, and marriage to a handsome prince.  Catherine becomes a college student in 2011 and Kathrina becomes a princess of a legendary kingdom in 1511.

At first Catherine seems spirited and feisty, enjoying life and curious about the magical world.  But once she lands in the future we see her as she really is – a spoiled selfish brat who is used to being coddled and having her own way.  At first she goes crazy with freedom – cutting and dying her hair, spending all Kathrina’s money without realizing how limited it is.  Kathrina doesn’t really have friends and the one or two she does have, Catherine disregards as commoners.

She is forced to take care of herself in a world that becomes less exciting every minute she stays there.  But when she tries to return home to take back her rightful place she finds the old wizard isn’t so kind and won’t let her go home.

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