#18 “The Beacon” Nancy Naymore

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

In an alternate version of present-day America, people all over the world are born with extraordinary superpowers, and 99.9% of those people are men. Our story follows Nancy Naymore, a woman gifted, or rather cursed, with the involuntary ability to summon other superhumans to her aid whenever she is distressed. She believes that she is the only woman in the world with special abilities, with the possible exception of a superwoman who is little more than urban myth, known only as The Bombshell.

Just out of college at 22, Nancy has trouble getting a job because her nervousness during interviews tends to cause disruptive rescue attempts. She would much rather be doing hero work, but the I.P.P. (Identity Protection Program) rejected her due to gender bias. Without an S.I. (Secret Identity) sanctioned by the I.P.P., doing any kind of hero work is considered vigilantism and can be grounds for arrest. So, Nancy is reduced to applying wherever she can for the time being.

Because of her powers Nancy has spent most of her life thinking supermen are annoying jerks who won’t leave her alone. She projects these feelings onto other men, making it hard for her to find a satisfying relationship. When the government superhero named Searchlight comes to her rescue, he recognizes her as one of them, and sets her up with an S.I. (‘The Beacon’) and a job working for the I.P.P. Together they track and ‘tag’ superheroes, so that the I.P.P. knows where they are at all times. Their partnership is rocky at first, but they grow on each other.

Truthfully, The Beacon is fed up with the dickish behavior of most of the supermen she encounters, and plans to use what she knows about them to her and the public’s advantage by leaking scandalous stories about them to the press. Nancy’s best friend, Brenda, is a photographer who follows Nancy on her missions to get the dirt on film.

When she is not working Nancy likes to solve sudoku puzzles and read murder mysteries.

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