#19 – Adrenaline Town Vampires

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#19 – Vampires in the Adrenaline Town story

Vampires are real, but they are becoming extinct.

A vampire is a parasite living off the blood of others, so what happens when a vampires blood source slowly gets tainted over the years? Look at our earth, pollution and disease ravage the planet. Toxins are released into the air and into our food. Some places are still fresh and clean, but they are rapidly disappearing. Human and animal blood is slowly becoming tainted without us even knowing. We feel fine, but vampires can taste the difference.

Tainted blood has some interesting effects on vampires.

It sickens them for one, creating symptoms similar to a powerful flu strain and weakening them against attack of other supernatural creatures. Another downside of drinking tainted blood is disorientation. Sometimes a vampire can become confused or disoriented, which can get them killed by hunters or caught out in the pure sunlight in mid day. Finally there are the many blood diseases and disorders in the world today. AIDs and Hepatitis can’t kill a vampire, but those and other blood diseases can make one comatose for days, weeks, even up to a month before a vampire’s body can assimilate the virus. The large amount of blood diseases in the world has made some countries vampire population extinct. Other countries are quickly dwindling.

Some other myths worth dispelling.

Vampires can venture out during the day, but direct sunlight on their skin can be extremely painful and prolonged exposure can result in death. Give them a cloudy day and some decent clothes, they’ll blend right in.
Religious objects can’t affect a vampire unless the person using it is a true believer. Someone can’t just grab a cross and start loving God to get out of a jam, their heart needs the conviction to survive. This goes for any religious item, not just crosses. They all work with the right belief.

Survival with blood filtration.

Over the years vampires have become dependent on a special machine that filters out the impurities in human blood. Unfortunately, this machine is quite large, difficult to use, and rare. The one machine in America was invented in the mid 19th century by an ingenious vampire that could see the blood problem coming. Using his understanding of arcane knowledge and machinery, he was able to build just one working model before leaving America for other countries. This one machine is taxing on resources and difficult to assemble so no others were created.

Picture something that is much more advanced than any blood filtration system found in a hospital or laboratory. The systems in those places can’t even detect the minuscule changes to human blood over the ages. The machine used by the vampire population is bulky and infused with mechanical magic that no others have been able to replicate or reverse engineer.

When the machine was finally created and running, a ban was placed on recruiting new vampires. Word was spread about the impending issues with blood and the need to keep their community small. Those that remained faithful to overall good of the group were rewarded with a steady supply of filtered blood delivered to them. Those that refused to comply were hunted down and destroyed, along with those that were newly created. Only a few new recruits have made it through the first 10 years of turning.

The total population of vampires in America continues to dwindle slowly, not because they are hunted or killed, but due to the occasional accident or mishap. The filtration machine and a vampire council were moved to Indianapolis, IN to provide a central location for shipping throughout the US and Canada. This has turned vampires more into a corporation like entity than the romanticized version seen in the movies.

No picture on this one, but if you like to draw Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies then let me know, I might be able to put you to work.


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