19 – Bronze Dragon by Beausephus

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CONCEPT: An adventurer/archeologist is magically cursed with a mystic living stone encasing him at all times.  After training with ancient magicians of the Orient, they carve the emblem of their order, a giant bronze dragon, into his cursed stone form, in an attempt to save him from eternal walking damnation.


Before I got into comics and superheroes I listened to tapes of old time radio shows and read about pulp heroes like The Shadow and the Lone Ranger.  The BRONZE DRAGON character started as a blatant rip-off of Doc Savage, right down to the metallic orange skin and adventurer back story.

As the character evolved, I seemed, once again, drawn to the concept of great power possessing great men and exploring the results.  Instead of shiny metallic skin, the character became encased in skin that looks like polished stone.

Now tons of characters have non-organic skin, and the cut-off they must feel due to a complete lack of sensual connection with the world around them must be infuriating to the point of madness.  So how does my character deal with it?  Going back to the pulp well, he trains with ancient Oriental mystics, a la The Shadow, who help him learn how to live with his cursed “skin.”  They carve the emblem of their monastery into his rocky skin, in a ceremony of purification through the extreme pain of carving the dragon head into his body.

By devoting himself to the philosophy of the Bronze Dragon Order, The Bronze Dragon keeps himself focused and his ever hardening “skin” from overpowering him and controlling his existence.

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