#19 – High Valkyrie Regine

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While the valkyries are known in legend as women who decided who died in the battlefield, in more recent years they seemed to have secluded themselves to the demon realms to study the ancient demon rune language, and use it to teach humans to defend themselves from the more vengeful demons. Regine, one of the oldest and most powerful valkyries, is known as one of the most skilled in the way of turning the defensively-based rune spells into an offensive assault.

Regine is not a very trusting woman, and was one of the first to try to expel the rogue high valkyrie Sanngri from the order of the valkyires, and from the living world. She has a powerful presence and a notorious heart of cold steel. Many of the Protectors, the loosely connected faction of demonhunter humans, refer to Regine in their native tongues as the Sword of Justice, in reference to her legendary runed sword, which has never failed to fall an enemy except one – the rogue Sanngri. Regine has sworn to take vengeance on Sanngri if she should ever be reawoken from her sealed chamber, and promises to be on the front line of the first battle on that day. It’s said that she sharpens her sword every day in preparation.

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