#19 Lisette

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“Le combat est stupide, mais je dois le faire. pour survivre dans ce monde insensé.”

Lisette Oiseaux was a dancer. She dances when she’s happy and feeling joyful, but she has been trapped in the middle of a war that has torn her homeland, Roches le Fau apart. As a child, Lisette was a nurse to the wounded, often called Fille de l’Espoir, “The Girl of Hope,” by the soldiers. As she grew into a woman, her reputation only increased as Lisette became a symbol of the resistance, and joined the battlefield.

Skilled in savate and parkour, Lisette was unstoppable, quick, and quite guile. “Combattant de la Foudre,” The Lightning Fighter.

When the war ended, many wanted Lisette to become their queen, but she revealed she’s not a ruler, but one of the people, and she chose to remain with the people she loved so much.

Lisette’s youth was never a hindrance to her. In fact, she used it to her advantage. When chosen to compete in this mysterious tournament, Lisette was hesitant to leave. However, when learning of the prize money offered to the winner, she knew that it could help the reconstruction process of her homeland  in a big way, so with a heavy heart, Lisette left her homeland as an icon and hopes to return as a champion, though in the minds and hearts of her fellow countrymen, the Girl of Hope already is.

Lisette: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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