Day # 18 & 19 Maverick 1.0 & Subject 17

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Mavrick was invented as an automated medication production and distribution system. Mostly to assist people who’s bodies don’t produce important horomones, or have proper function of certain organs. It was designed to deal with things like diabetes, underactive thyroid, and other metabolic disorders. Maverick also acts as a blood filter for those with kidney or liver deficiencies. Unfortunately maverick’s research and development when it’s AI began taking over test subjects, overtaking thier nervous systems. A single prototype remains attached to Subject 17.


Subject 17 was the only test subject of the maverick tests that did not suffer complete neural control from the machine. Although he suffered memory loss due to Maverick’a attempts at control. They both survive with a sort of symbiosis. Before the tests Subject 17 had peak physical health with the exception of his onw pancreatic deficiency. He ran once he learned that the Maverick was to be destroyed, no one is sure why. Maverick has no control of his actions so the researchers can only guess what drives him to continue his life as a fugitive. He posibly doesn’t realize that he had a life before the tests, or he possibly doesn’t wish to return to it. Maverick only knows him as 17, but does more than just deal with his insulin deficiency but improve as many aspects of his health as the machine was designed to affect.

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