#12 Moonclad

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Moonclad: status: villain

Extreme strength and resistance to harm and illness is Moonclad’s core neovidual ability. To his foes, his additional ability proves most disconcerting. Moonclad is a type of living breathing miniature moon. Like Moonwill, Moonclad can effect his density at will, but on an opposite scale. Where Moonwill can decrease his mass at will he cannot increase his mass beyond that of the normal state his body would naturally be. Moonclad can increase the density of his body , but cannot decrease it past it’s natural state (while in “moon” form). By focusing the increase of his density in a way that is not fully understood Moonclad possess his own gravitational pull which he uses as a tractor beam. By doing so Moonclad can pull his foes directly into his hands at will before throttling them with his cratered fists.

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents” 

Artist G.R. on Twitter


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