#13 Lip Service

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Lip Service :status: hired assassin

Lip Service uses his neovidual ability to project destructive sound vibrations at various levels to carve out a formidable reputation as a hired assassin in criminal circles. Preferring a method of focussed sound waves to vibrate the vital organs of his targets his assignments are often carried out quickly and without warning (save the strange echoing sound that is the by product of using his powers). Without anyone realizing who was responsible he is often successful in his missions and is rarely ever seen. Much like a marksman Lip Service prefers a sniper type method of using his powers in which he is never identified by eye witnesses. Those who employ him appreciate this level of stealth & secrecy. However, when face to face conflicts with neovidual heroes occurs Lip Service reacts with sound blasts emitting from his dual tongued mouth. These sonic blasts can punch holes in tanks is if they were tissue paper. His power originates from the vibrations of his twin tongues. When Lip Service speaks there is a constant , erie , echo type stereo effect to the sound of his voice.

Webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

Artist G.R. on Twitter

Category: 2011, Superhero

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