#19 Boss Gravity

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Boss Gravity

Boss Gravity

“What goes up…”
An up-and-coming boxer who was constantly tempted to turn to a life of crime, the man now known as Boss Gravity was injured in the same accident that resulted in The Smart Brothers having to leave their old headquarters. B.G. lost his arms, and that made the choice between boxing and crime. He was refitted with experimental “gravity arms” designed for work in deep space, and began taking over the illegal super-science racket with the same single-minded determination that had led him to victory in the ring.

“I’m that fundamental force mayne.”
A lot of crime lords, mafiosos and thugs, all unhappy with his domination of the experimental tech racket, have tried to bring him down. Most of them have either knuckled under or disappeared. His street name comes from the resulting truism, in crime as well as science: “You can’t fight gravity.”

“I don’t think you understand the gravity of your situation.”
The cops have turned to the Smart Brothers out of desperation, and they’ve managed to disrupt Boss Gravity’s operations. He realizes that they’re responsible for his condition, and has begun plans to destroy them, utterly.

Also, and it’s a small thing? Some chump-ass rapper’s out there calling himself Boss Gravity, “as an homage”, “out of respect”. This just get’s under B.G.’s skin, and he sees it as an example of how the universe is out to get him. He’s vowed to end this rapper’s career as well.

“These arrogant assholes always thinkin’ they can fly. But Gravity — it always brings you down in the end.”

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  1. MarshallPlex says:

    This is a really cool design and concept for a character! It reminds me of the characters im working on which I was planning to do as a Hip Hop based group of characters that work and operate mostly on the moon but often travel back and forth to earth. Im enjoying your take on infusing Hip Hop into a lot of your characters… Keep it up man!

    • treyjackson says:

      Thanks man! I’d like to see those characters too, I feel like I don’t see enough hip-hop influenced characters around. Or not in a good way at least LOL.

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