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Another Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines character. Is that cheating?

Anyway Serif is a Tremere, who is a vampire clan rumored to have been a clan of humans that raised themselves to vampires through self-studied magic.  She is a master of Thaumatology, or blood magic, as well as Domination – so she can command someone to die, and if that doesn’t work she can just magic all the blood out of their body. The game loaded her with a kind of sexy-librarian look, but as the case with Escher, the game gives little in the way of outfit customization besides each clan coming with a preloaded set of four outfits that give different ‘armor’ values, so here she is with a reinterpreted wardobe. I pushed the ‘librarian’ bit, giving her a head bob to go with her glasses – there for style purposes only, I assume.

Serif revels in the simple joy of manipulating people, through lies, intimidation, seduction, what have you. That said she takes no pleasure in violence and dislikes killing people, avoiding it whenever she can. Serif is ambitious, and doesn’t mind brown-nosing to do it. She has an eternity to wait for the proper opportunities, so she keeps the witty retorts and vitriolic slurs that are ever on the tip of her tongue wrangled in the presence of anyone she thinks can remotely be of use to her.

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