#20 Riordan Desiree

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Riordan was a changeling child who was switched with another baby, Riordan’s mother took the baby and the baby’s mother took Riordan. Riordan was never told why this happened, she just knows that it did. Riordan’s adoptive mother knows about the fae to some degree, but not much. Riordan lives with her adoptive mother and her younger twin brothers. Riordan’s best friend is Emaline Amity. Unfortunately Riordan’s adoptive mother and her real mother both die and Riordan goes missing, leaving Emaline and the twins on their own. Due to the twins being part fae they are snatched up by the faerie before the human authorities can take them. Emaline being just human is left on her own.


Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy

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