#20 Stiletto

| November 20, 2011 | 1 Comment

Petricia Veterman is a secretary working for a fashion company on fifth avenue. One night on her way home, she was almost a victim of a assault involving some unknown thugs. She didn’t realized she can defend herself just by using her instincts and self awareness. She soon discovered a martial artist who became her friend and mentor named Tomono Kenshima. With her help and advice, Petricia enters the streets as a different kind of female enforcer of crime, Stiletto.

Height:5’8 Weight: 197 lbs. Age: 31


None but has some hand to hand combat skills, enhanced agility,etc.


Confident, never afraid of any challenge. 

Category: 30Characters Follow-UP, Superhero

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Just an artist creating a large amount of artistic things in a world of possible destruction.

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  1. G.R. says:

    I dig her. She rocks!

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