#21 Captain Bicentennial

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Captain Bicentennial

Another in the first generation to be born as super-abled after the Roswell Incident, Jack Tremain was born with super-strength, super-agility and telescopic vision.

In the late 60s, Tremain joined the army and served in Vietnam. In 1975, Tremain was commissioned by the U.S. government to become the first government sanctioned hero, Captain Bicentennial.

Intended as a symbolic gesture tying into the Bicentennial celebrations in ’76, Captain Bicentennial became a national figurehead and was granted honorary membership in The Squadronnaires.

In 1980, Captain Bicentennial rescued American hostages in Iran, punching out the Ayatollah. He also took part in the first Invisible War, battling other villains until Dr. Omnibus was able to save them from The Event.

Captain Bicentennial retired in 1986 after the Iran-Contra Affair was revealed and Tremain became disgusted with the government. Thinking he could do more good changing the system itself, Tremain was elected to the House of Representatives.

After serving in Congress for 10 years, Tremain retired again and became a news expert on the superly-abled for Exposition News Network.

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