Day 19: Harvey Ride

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Character #19, Harvey Ride. Ok this is the last yellow-eyed character for a while I promise.

Harvey is a big, tough canine, standing about 6’7” tall. The red thing on his back is known as a Venom, a little creature that’s formed a symbiotic relationship with his soul. The combinations of Venom and creature are known as Venomamillians. These creatures are the heart and namesake of the Venomamillia story line.

Harvey is a senior Venomamillian in the score of the Venom forces. After working for the captain of the forces, Captain Verother, for a while, it took a rookie to make him see the wrongs in the job he did. After a few encounters with him, Harvey leaves the ranks.

Harvey’s Venom specializes in disarming. Its “arms” are stunners, and can generate electricity to paralyze.

Harvey’s entire family line, the Rides, have been known for having a misfortune in their lives. Harvey believes he has yet to see his misfortune. I wonder what it could be?

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