Day #20- Karibiana

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From the same pantheon as Marikutonaam and Kirhanna one of the few mortals tunrned godess Karibiana was born in the middle of the desert with the brightest bluest hair imaginable, she was desired by many and had no qualms about turning that to her advantage. As she grew she set her sights on seducing the gods. Although the first god’s attention she gained was the trickster Kirhanna. Kirhannna convinced Karibiana that if she stood outside watching the stars one night Marikutonaam would come down for a liason. As Karibiana waited Kirhanna used her shawl of the sky to distract the woman as she let the storms flood the desert. Karibiana’s hair soaked up the floodwaters until the storms subsided and the sea that remained took to her hair’s shade of blue. Thus Karibiana became the goddess of sea and desert, seducing sailors and travelers alike. She no longer listens to Kirhanna though she still takes time to seduce the other Gods.

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