Dr. Karen Sweeney

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Karen sweeneyDr. Karen Sweeney was pursuing her graduate studies in Mathematics when she was asked to help a colleague with a research mission. She was small enough to fit inside a special mechanical dive suit known as the Elven Mk3. After that she continued her studies, and earned a good deal of prestige. That is until she was asked to sit in on the panel of scientists given the task to deflect a massive near earth asteroid. At the same time she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. She was working through the calculations while undergoing treatment. A distraction she would never be able to forgive herself for. He faulty calculations caused the deflection of the asteroid to skip through the earths atmosphere and graze the moon. The resulting cataclysm caused the deaths of untold billions, and altered the earths climate. All the scientists were discredited and ousted from their various positions, except Dr. Sweeney. She was placed into cryogenic stasis, were she hopes the future will bring a cure. And possible absolution.

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Category: Drama, Scifi

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Self Employed cartoonist currently in Fort Wayne Indy. BFA Aquinas College 2000, post college, Metal smithing: Oxbow 97, Animation: Oxbow 2000, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts: Ceramics 04-05.

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  1. G.R. says:

    I tragic , but very well described backstory. I’m really enjoying your character designs and art very much!

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