14 – Ireitchitan

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Ireitchitan is a Djinn – a creature of almost pure magic, capable of enormous feats of power and revelling in chaos.  He is quite possibly the oldest and most dangerous of his kind, and has suggested that various religious figures of evil were based upon him, although given his perpensity for lying this must be taken for a pinch of salt.  Indeed, up until August 12 1876 he was considered one of the three most dangerous villains on the planet. 

On this date however, one hundred and seven of the worlds most powerful Wizards, Sorcerers, Conjurers and Demonologists finally cornered him in a small town in the southwest of the Arabian penninsula.  Out of them, only 21 walked away that day with their lives.  Ireitchitan was too powerful to kill, and too powerful to imprison, so infact they decided to do something else – to redirect him.  They bound him with dozens of complex spells, powerful geas and chained him both mentally with power and physically with chains of cold iron.  They bound him into being a hero.  This actually seems to have had an unprecedented amount of success – since then he has been one of the most valued assets of the world’s efforts in preventing evil, through having one of the most cunning minds on the planet – he frequently lays traps decades in the making only to spring upon opponents no one has even guessed at.  However, amoung the higher eschelons of powers, they fear him – not only should he ever get free of his bonds, but worse should he have never been contained at all, and is merely playing along with them for his own amusement…

 Ireitchitan started off as a concept of a dark god bound into the service of good, and being so good at it it creeps everyone out a little.  I decided to change it from Demon to A Djinn as I liked the idea of a something a little more and less predictable than a demon.  I’m slightly going with the “Fables” approach to Djinn – wildly powerful beings who are more or less pure magic, although in this case with a bit of a Pan’s Labyrinth aesthetic going on that suggests demonic without actually being one.

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  1. Trey Jackson says:

    Fantastic image and concept. I’d love to see some stories with this dude.

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