15 – Samuel Khan-Bonaparte

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The League of Solomon is an ancient order dedicated to ruling the world through their own superiority.  Their core project to bring this about is a selective breeding project which stretches back over a thousand years and is more ambitious than anyone realises.  Taking the bloodlines of some of the greatest leaders and fighters in human history and through extensive selective breeding trying to create the ultimate humans to lead the new age.  Samuel Khan-Bonaparte, as the name suggests was a result of the combinations of Ghengis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte, with various other great tacticians in smaller percentages. 

 Although ranked only a level 6 on the purity scale, and deemed only suitable as a soldier rather than a general, the bloodlines bred into him to learn quickly and solve problems are particularly successful within him – a chance overhearing of an offhand comment allowed him to finally discover what the League of Solomon had bred him for and triggered his escape.  He now acts sometimes as a mercenary, and sometimes as a fighter on his own quests, trying to uncover the League of Solomon once more, but has never found so much as a trace of them since he left.

 Samuel came about as I wanted a character that came out of a Secret Society of some sort, and the idea of trying to selectively breed people with the traits of great historical leaders seemed like a fun one to pursue, and made a certain kind of sense enough to appeal to mad people.  They’d have been working at it for so long they’d have different bloodlines, and breed in traits from people who had useful things like excellent memory or problem solving ability, as well as creating optimised training regimes to produce the perfect childhood to produce the kinds of personalities they would like.

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