17 – Mrs Honeyford

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During the 70’s, Cleopatra Honeyford was a glamourous private detective fighting corrupt cops and gangs alike in the infamous Docks district of . At the time she was a crack shot with a gun and better fighting unarmed or with knives than almost anyone in the city.  Unlike many of her peers, Cleo survived, and continued to live in the area for years to come. While she is certainly no longer considered the pin-up she once was, she continued training her fighting technique, including a stint where she incorporated large quantities of the technique of her martial artist then-boyfirned into her own style, she has general incorporated, and is generally considered to be one of the deadliest martial artists in the world.  Her style is incredibly potent, and adjusts well to improvised weapons, and seems to excel in taking down multiple armed opponents, quickly and brutally.  Though she is more or less retired from crime fighting, many come to train with her, even if it means putting up with her famously bad cooking, which she never got round to learning how to do in her youth.

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