#19 Molly Fletcher

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Art school drop-out, bisexual love machine, general saucebox.

Image from the Sartorialist

Name: Margaret “Molly” Fletcher.

Age: 30.

Appearance: Tall (5’10), bright red hair (she refuses to say whether it’s natural or not), fair skin, blue eyes. Loves clothing and wears everything from vintage velvet gowns to cut-off denim shorts and Doc Martens. Lipstick is the only makeup she wears.

Personal:  Outgoing, sarcastic yet friendly. Loves reading and hated school. A talented artist (paint and charcoal). Has a pet lizard named Remington Steele.

Overview: A year into her time at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Molly decided that school wasn’t for her and ran off to Athens with her then-girlfriend to set up a raucous commune styled after the Love Shack.

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