#20 Israfel & Lucasta

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Israfel & Lucasta

Israfel & Lucasta

Israfel and Lucasta are Scarlet-ranked initiates of the Mysteries, a Greco-Egyptian mystery cult, and as such are allowed to mingle with outside society in a 10th century Baghdad where magic is the province of scholars and new Greek and Indian sciences mingle with Aztec flying machines. They operate, at the behest of their superiors, as magical detectives of sorts. Israfel and Lucasta both left their native cultures to become initiates in The Mysteries. Because they are considered exotic outsiders, they’re able to get away with asking questions and going places that others can’t.

Israfel used to be  Jörgen, a Viking, and he’s a giant Nordic dude who is paradoxically curious and bookish. Israfel is a music-master and writer. In Arabic his cult name means “the burning one” and fire spells are indeed a specialty.

Lucasta was originally Femi, hailing from the Yoruba empire, and is a striking, Amazonian woman whose urban sophistication hides a childlike sense of wonder. Lucasta’s name means “pure light” (lux casta) and casting light-related spells are her preferred technique. Also means a degree of invisibility, but also her ability to pierce the veil of time without using traditional forms of divination.

Israfel refuses to wear sandals like everyone else. It drives Lucasta crazy. Otherwise, they get along pretty well, they both geek out over magic and bond over their outsider status both in Baghdad and at home. Recently, one of the founders of the Mysteries was found murdered, and suspects are numerous. Not only are nobles of the Caliphate jealous of the power and secrecy the Mysteries wield, the other cultures with a presence in Baghdad would like to get their hands on some of that power as well. From jealous Mayan astronomers to greedy Templars, from the Hashishim of Alamut to Taoist mystics, enemies appear to be on all sides. How do you solve a murder when all of your suspects are magicians?

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