#21 – Andrew Curry

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Andrew has a little bit of a crush on the little pink haired main character, August. He has a habit of finding the pencils that she drops all over the school. He’s a killer at writing English essays, but is nearly failing all the rest of his classes. He’s a bit of a roleplaying nerd, and loves both tabletop games and MMORPGs. He also has a bit of a problem with being possessed by demons. Regularly.

He’s gotten used to it, though. Andrew’s taken a certain fondness to rolling dark or evil side characters because of it. He knows August is a professional demon hunter, but he’s never had the courage to so much as ask her what the weather is like today, let alone to take care of his little demon problem. Awkward and shy, Andrew seems to be a shadow in the background… the weird kid who occasionally bursts out in class, screaming about “filthy humans” and “we will enslave you all!”

Needless to say, poor Andrew has enough on his mind at the moment, and not just from the demons.

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