#21 Ed The Third World Smokin’ Baby

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The video of little Ed smoking cigarettes went viral before Ed could light up another Camel.  Unbelievably this two year old smoked 2 packs a day.

When asked why he smoked Ed had this to say. “It takes the edge off of my otherwise stress filled toddler day man. Oh yeah and my parents are douche nozzles.”

He says he’s going to take “baby steps” and quit tobacco in stages in what he calls “the three year plan.”  As of  last week Ed has quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey. He’s switched to Cigars, which he will stick to for a year and from there he’ll go to chewing tobacco for another year and then nicotine gum for the final year. He is confident that within 3 years he will be tobacco free.

When asked about the hard  booze, pills, gambling, and hookers he replied  ” Go F@CK yourself!”

Good for him!

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