21 – Wild Bengal by Beausephus

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DATE OF CREATION:  1992 or 1993, the 92-93 era thereabouts…

CONCEPT:  A master thief builds himself a suit of armor, but then is killed by an assassin hired by his rival.  The assassin takes the exoskeleton and uses it to enhance his natural skills.  He takes the name WILD BENGAL and acts as contract assassin with a heart of gold who only takes on targets that fit within his personal moral code.


Objectively, dressing in colors in the orange range might not be the best garb for an assassin.  Nevertheless, the character Wild Bengal went through various permutations and origins before falling strictly into the criminal/anti-hero role.

Since the armor the character wears was developed by a thief for thievery, it is lightweight and absorbs shock/impact/energy.  The costume is highly flexible, perfect for a trained assassin in either covert activity or hand to hand combat.  Wild Bengal modified the suit with claws and stylized equipment more in fitting with his name.

Looking at the character now, I like the concept but would take the character in a direction akin to the Pierce Brosnan assassin movie, THE MATADOR, a hired killer reexamining his hallow life and searching for meaning by developing standards and morals…except with more spandex clad super characters and hi-tech espionage.


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