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#20 Madame Kaleidoscope

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#14 Deep Ocean Demon Eel

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Dr Spector got a lot of positive feed back, so i decided to start creating characters and creatures from a Dr Spector Universe. This beast is an ancient deep ocean monster Eel that is demon possessed and as such only Dr Spector can prevent it from rising out of the ocean depths and reigning destruction on the world. Wish him luck. 😀


#19 Big Heart

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I mostly needed a character I could relate to.

Being a romantic is pretty tough the majority of the time.

(If you can identify the quote, you win aaall the prizes)

#12 Buttsa Plenty

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Girl don't even.


I decided I wanted a drag queen with a big ass named “Buttsa Plenty.” Took me a few drawings to figure out what she looked like–this worked for me.

#11 Helena Billings

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Put on some clothes, thanks.


I’m not really one to do fantasy types of characters anymore, but I often get really frustrated that women in video games and similar media are mostly half naked and have to be sexy and have big tits in order to be a warrior, or whatever they are. I like my warrior women to wear whatever the hell a warrior man would wear. Jeez, put something on already.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not against sexuality, but there is a time and a place, you know? Video games, anime, movies and the like just feel this need for women to be sex idols AT ALL TIMES, no excuses.

One of my more recent favorites as far as female characters go is Aveline from Dragon Age II. She’s built to be a tank, goes on to be captain of the guard, and actually wears some freaking body armor that doesn’t expose cleavage and midriffs. It’s pretty rad. Naturally, she isn’t obtainable to romance, while the “sexier” female characters are. Go figure.

#10 Willis Robert

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I'm actually a t-shirt designer but train pokemon to pay the bills.


Willis Robert is a 20-something-year-old pokemon trainer.

#19 and #20

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#21 will come later tonight! Don’t forget to check out my Djinnborn Blog to see other characters and designs!



#21 – Science Teacher

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The science teacher is a threshold guardian. He’s the objectively analytical person who is trying to “bring you down to earth” and show you the “practical” and “pragmatic” ways to handle the physical universe. If you reject his teachings, you may be labeled a “hopeless idealist”, doomed to financial failure. On the other hand, his tests show you how agreement with the physical universe can trap you in that scene, unable to reach your spiritual goals – your choice.

Day 21 – The Hustler

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The Hustler

#20 Repair Agent

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Everything suddenly went quiet. In all the time he had been wandering the great city’s megastructure, it’s breathing had been constant, loud, and audible even in the most sound-proofed and distant of chambers. But now, nothing. He knew what this meant. He had to go on, reach his destination, and hope that he could effect a change on the system. Otherwise, a slow, terrible and unstoppable collapse would begin, marking the end of the glorious city, beginning of the glorious ruin.

Tried a more “concept art”-ey approach here. Not satisfied. I think I would have needed to put a bit more time into it.

#21: Gryff On Seraphim

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details to follow

#14 Squeak

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20 – Blue Bazooka

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… continued from Character #19, Major Ursa & the Constellations…


Mary Beedle enlisted in the U.S. army shortly before the Gulf War.  She served with distinction and was selected for duty in secret superhuman operations directed by General Rocky Johnson, operations that neither side of the conflict will ever to admit to occurring.  Inspired and envious of the powers of those she supported, Pvt. Beedle wanted to be a hero.  During a raid on a reported extraterrestrial armament facility in the rocky wastelands of Iraq, Mary became pinned down by fire and out of ammunition.  Looking around for a weapon, she came across what looked like a mirror-polished chrome bazooka.  Her armed assailants closing in, she grasped the weapon, rose and fired.

The weapon whirred, clicked and then let loose an explosive blast of sapphire concussive energy took out her attackers, the side of bunker and most of the western face of a nearby mountain. The strange silver housing absorbed what must have been incredible amounts of force, leaving Pvt. Beedle standing unmoved from where she fired with a mixed look of shock and glee.

The weapon was taken to General Johnson and, after failed testing due to what men in white lab coats called a “genomic identification lock”, given back to Pvt. Beedle.  Beedle was given additional training and armaments, some terrestrial some not, and the unimaginative codename BLUE BAZOOKA as the first member of General Rocky “Enforcer” Johnson’s Secret Soldiers.  The Man of the Moon later identified Blue Bazooka’s weapon as a modified thruster engine for a sub-light speed orbital craft favored by intergalactic arms smugglers.  This was not the last extraterrestrial artifact to end up in the hands of man.  In the mid 1990s, for example, a meteor erupted out of the Earth, ultimately creating…

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19 – Major Ursa & the Constellations

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… continued from Character #18, The-Many-Who-Are-One…

Constellations under field leader MAJOR URSA!

The appearance of individuals born with extranormal abilities in the wake of the Danaian visitation, and the accompanying alien virus, left the U.S. government with a burgeoning population of superhumans in need of training and direction.  The Gold Gladiator, Senator Trent Day, as the Secretary of Extranormal Affairs founded the Constellations program to help these special youths.  Taught by adult superhumans, who themselves were new the powers game, and military personnel, those enrolled in the program grew into a capable fighting force.  Graduates of the program are issued codenames based on stellar constellations and stars and are official members of the Constellations team of operatives.

The first graduating class of thirteen heroes had been relegated to search-and-rescue missions and dealing with criminal elements that were troubling law enforcement agencies.  Use of America’s heroic generation abroad was stalled due to the quagmire that international relations had become in the wake of the new superpowers arms race.  Gold Gladiator’s call to arms against The-Many-Who-Are-One was the Constellations first appearance on the international stage.

Under the leadership of Major Ursa, the Constellations were successful in the take down of the extraterrestrial horror and in saving of all captured United Nations members, though some were worse for wear, made the world take notice of the power in the hands of not only America’s youth, but empowered children world wide.  The Constellations moved from America’s future to the official protectors of Earth under the sponsorship of the U.N.  The team was expanded with foreign member and became fully global using the old Secret Soldiers base, the Strato-Sphere, as their mobile headquarters.

Tasked with monitoring and protecting Earth from further extraterrestrial invasion and watching the movements of other, less friendly Earth-bound extranormal individuals, the Constellations have become a point of interest around the world.  The Man of the Moon observes them with distant concern from his lunar lair, while the U.S. government, none too pleased with the loss of their superhuman army, watches with growing concern.  America’s anxiety has been addressed with the re-establishment of the Secret Soldier iniaitive beginning with…

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18 – The-Many-Who-Are-One

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… continued from Character #17, Mantropolis…


The world was largely unsurprised when the existence of extraterrestrial life became common knowledge.  Reality seemed tenuous at best as American cities could apparently transplant themselves for aesthetic reasons.  If questioned before the visitor made Earthfall, most people would have expected an alien encounter to be very “Hollywood” in nature; a sleek ship descending from the heavens opening to reveal a peaceful alien race looking to befriend Earth and exchange knowledge.  Those people were wrong.

The people of Earth were introduced to life from beyond with a destructive meteoric strike that leveled a five block radius and damaged the United Nations building in New York City.  The large asteroid hovered with a blue glow in center of the impact zone, held aloft by luminescent crystals familiar to the Azure Aviator.  The asteroid shuddered and cracked open.  Amidst a deluge of translucent green goo, a massive horrific figure emerged with one body and many heads.

The-Many-Who-Are-One, as it called itself in grunted English, began a reign of unprecedented terror beginning with holding those in the U.N. hostage.  Through telepathic means the invader took control of the delegates in a bid for global domination, or destruction, its goals were never that clear.  The Five Points of Freedom assembled but were no match for the six acid streaming maws wielded by the elephantine fiend.

Realizing they were unequal to the challenge, the Gold Gladiator called in for support.  He activated the Department of Extranormal Affairs’…

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#13 Pip

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Day #19 Zombie Face

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Working out some specific facial features for my zombie characters.

#21: The Mountain Fairy

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Text reads:

“When you live on a mountain so steep you can’t climb,

The only way up to your home is to fly.

She lights on her doorstep, lacewings spread high

She leaps and she flits into open, bare sky”

#21 Moxy

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This is a Zalmoxes. Vicious creature, agile and hungry. Not the greatest combination if you are on the menu!

#12 Nanny

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#15 AL the D15-00

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#11 Hoot

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#14 William B. Crumpet

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#13 Sonny Silvertip

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#21 Humungsor

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Humungsor comes from a forest called The Cimian Forest. He eats snakes, lizards and spiders! He looks giant, but he’s really only small.

Part of Kiara’s takeover of my #30character challenge!

#21: NegaTori

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Real Name: Tori Avondale

Age: 22

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 117 lbs.

Location: Liberty City, USA

Powers: Able to negate another hero or villains superpowers by being within close proximity.

Character info: NegaTori will show up in a future story arc in “The Adventurers of Liberty City” as a reluctant superhero. She’s not too fond of her powers and feels like she’s being used because of them. She’s not one much for hand to hand combat and has no true defensive powers of her own. However, her negation abilities do come in handy when threatened.


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MiernieMiernie is the Queen Elect. Formerly she was a warrior priestess of he Tontin sisterhood known as a “Warcaptain”. He standing down from her position to become a royal concubine was highly controversial among her fellow sisters. Not as controversial as when the King chose her to be his bride, and the Queen Elect. Now the most powerful of the Clock-work aristocracy wants her dead, only one group will take her alive.

#21 Pajama Dragon

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#21 Pajama Dragon (Humor/Fantasy) How did I get this character? Well, er…I stole it. My daughter and the grandkids came to visist yesterday, and my grand dauhter Kim was playing with a toy dragon. She also had a red pajama top for one of her baby dolls. And she was determined to get this pajama on this toy dragon. Mind you, the dragon wasn’t anatomically suited for wearing that top; but Kim managed to get the dragon’s head and arms through the holes.  It worked! 🙂 And as I thought about what character I was going to do for today’s challenge, that “pajama dragon” came back to me.

Side note: I think I have my first Christmas present for the season. Put this picture in a nice frame and I think my grand daughter would really like it.

#21 Garung

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Garung’s right arm is adorned with mystical tattoos that give him strength. He spends his time challenging the most powerful creatures of the old world.


#21 The Carnate Guard

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Awakening in a body that was not his own, Sam Hyang found himself living the life of a gladiator in a world beyond dream or nightmare-  When he rises to a position beside the Queen of this bizarre land, he must decide for himself how human he still is.

The Carnate Guard © and TM 2011 Mike Dubisch

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