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Day 22 Neuron

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Raymond Forester was first made known to the public as the outlaw adventurer wanted by the US Government known as Neuron: The team leader of  THE DIVISION.  After an incident involving an alien invasion in 1975 and the following Metahuman Prohibition Act, The US Government created MEGA and granted amnesty to to Neuron for past crimes in exchange for his leadership of this metahuman group policing other metahumans. Neuron is a known telepath with vast mind control abilities.  Some of which have yet to be discovered!

Character 17 – Captain Scarr

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#21 Jackson Crow – Guard

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The moment that the air conditioner broke, we knew that it was about to hit the fan. Two thousand prisoners in a prison designed for half that, record high temperatures for two weeks and no air conditioning, it was a time bomb made of concrete.

Every one of us knows it’s coming. We’re just praying that it happens on someone else’s shift. Daniels’ son managed to rupture his appendix, even though he doesn’t have a wife much less a kid. Nobody’s really angry at Daniels. If we thought the warden would buy it, we might try it too.

Things had been building for awhile, ever since Vince Arculato was hit on the exercise yard. When there are one hundred people in the yard and no witnesses, it means that it was big hit. Big hits mean big moves, and big moves mean Trouble.

I almost miss it when it kicks off. There isn’t any big sign, like one of the ‘victs shouting, “LIGHT IT UP!” No there’s just a tiny groan followed by a weak little wheeze coming from one of the cells. I walk up and see the spreading pool of red on the floor. Lionel Kutter, head of the Negro Republic, just got shanked in his bunk. A trustee is already spreading the word, and the dull rumble of the prison is ramping up to a roar.

People are beating against the bars and everyone’s getting ready to settle their grudges. This shit is about blow sky high.

#22 Aguila

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#21 Aadesh

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#22 – YuYu

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#18 – This Won’t Hurt

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A mad-scientist/medic/interrogator gnome, on a gnomish airship (erm, airship not shown).
What could possibly go wrong?
I really mean to color these things…

OH GNOME YOU DIDN'T (also a fun board game)

#22 “The Bombshell”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Not much is known at all about The Bombshell; she is something like a sasquatch of the superhero world. Searchlight tells The Beacon that The Bombshell “is basically an urban myth spread by women, to keep them from feeling totally outgunned by all the supermen around them.” The Beacon would like to believe that The Bombshell is real because it makes her feel less alone.


Reported powers of The Bombshell are varied, but in general greater than most of the supermen.  People have reported seeing her using generic powers such as flight, strength, invulnerability, speed, etc., as well as other powers: disguising her appearance or disappearing, firing energy from her eyes or hands… it’s clear that some of these accounts are exaggerated, tabloid material.


As far as her appearance, the sightings also yield various accounts, the only thing in common amongst them all being that she is a strikingly beautiful woman.


If The Bombshell really does exist, why does she choose to remain outside of the public eye? This is what leads most sensible women to stop believing in The Bombshell when they grow up, much like they stop believing in Santa Claus. But a woman has reasons to want her privacy…

#21 “Captain Curveball”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Captain Curveball is a hero belonging to the group known collectively as “generic superheroes”. He can fly, lift heavy stuff, go fast, and woo women with his bulging muscles. He also has a very nice pompadour.


Cap. Curveball is a professional, hired hero, who is paid by a sponsor to save people and do other hero work in the name of said sponsor, in his case Super League Baseball. Captain Curveball is the star pitcher for the New York City Captains. Other Captains include: Captain Who (on first), Captain Catch, Captain Shortstuff, etc.


While Captain Curveball has a Secret Identity that he does all of his hero work and public appearances in, his S.I. is not registered with the I.P.P., so they make sure to keep a close watch on him. Tracking and tagging Captain Curveball is The Beacon and Searchlight’s first assignment together.


As far as personality, Captain Curveball has very little. Like most born and bred generic superheroes, he was raised believing he was better than normal people, and behaves like it. He saves people because he can, not because he wants to. His favorite feeling in the world, treasured even more than a rare orgasm with a feeble human woman, is defeating a rival team on the Super Baseball diamond. In a few words he is shallow and self-entitled, but it’s hard to blame him. After all, he was born better than the rest of us.

Day 22: Lord Rosario

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Character #22, Lord Rosario. Head of the Rosario league of the Vampiric Order, and father of Josie and Jessica Rosario.

He’s quite the ominous type, and seldom anyone sees him. A majority of him is covered up on a regular basis, people have only seen 1/4 of his face. He has an extra ‘limb’ on each of his wings, taken as a status symbol. Not much more to say about him, cause that’s shrouded in mystery, my friends. :iconicameplz:

Fun fact: I tried to make him look ominous and instead he looks like Francoeur the Flea

#20 Brenda Carmichael

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

While Searchlight is The Beacon’s partner and equal, Brenda is more like her sidekick. Brenda and Nancy Naymore (AKA The Beacon) have been best friends since they were in kindergarten. Nancy suspects (for good reason) that Brenda is mainly interested in being her friend because she has superpowers.


Brenda doesn’t have any powers of her own, but she is completely obsessed with people who do. She takes photographs and catalogues them along with the particular hero’s recent appearances, description, and powers. She wasn’t interested in learning about the men behind the masks, until Nancy got a job working for the I.P.P. Now Brenda helps Nancy collect the info that Nancy uses to expose the heroes’ secret, scandalous lifestyles.


In a world where superheroes are real, nerds who are infatuated with the super are legitimized, but still creepy in a stalkerish way. Brenda is very, very close with Nancy, and doesn’t like all the attention she is getting from her new partner, Searchlight. What measures she might take to protect or control her best friend remains to be seen…


#19 – Starsmith

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The Big Bang.

Contrary to popular believe, the Big Bang was not an immediate event. Instead of a sudden flash of heat, matter and energy, the Big Bang took almost 3 million years to fully form, with the “creation wave” as super-scientists with level 57 minds or higher call it, the reach of the Big Bang’s promethean fire as it spread in the vacuum, giving birth to our universe, still believed to be expanding upon the unending blackness, creating even more life.

Within the span of those 3 million years, when the pregnant mass of the Big Bang was the only titanic sun in our universe, many civilizations rose and fell, nothing like them ever to be seen again, as if the light of creation had given them a divine spark missing from creatures the universe would later produce. Out of these, the Starsmiths were without a doubt the most advanced and respected of all.

The Starsmiths were not even a race, per se. They were a gathering of all the different races and cultures that had been born around the Big Bang that united into a single people. They worshipped the Blast, the Light and the Fire. But they also studied it and researched it and it is through their work that they learned to weld stars out of the raw material of the Big Bang. They learned to harness the white liquid fire and give it shape in their giant black matter anvils with all sorts of different tools. Instead of sparks, rare atoms and particles would fly with each strike of the dwarf-hammer and from the completed star; cosmic residue and dust could sometime form miniature solar systems around them, the most delicate craftsmen even able to do so at will, creating sequences of stars and planets until they’d confectioned a pocket-size galaxy.

And though this masterfully crafter stars, solar systems and galaxies were tiny in comparison to the Universe being birthed by the creation wave, the power they were able to produce was not, in fact being able to produce more raw energy than a regular star due to their unique design. These became the base for all Starsmith technology, enabling all of their creations to work almost eternally on the power of the stars.

The Starsmiths were a peaceful people. They believed in creating just for creations sake, only to discover more of the mysteries of the Universe and deepen their bonds with the Blast, the Light and the Fire. However, they were certainly a selective people, only letting a few carefully chosen to join their ranks and always guarding the secrets of their trade with the utmost zeal.

The rest of the then expanding Universe fell on the Starsmith’s home planet fast and hard, making as much display of their brutality and their mercilessness, trying to shock the peaceful crafters into handing over their secrets and their technology, each race eager to use it in order to slave and subjugate the others. But what the J’Ungians, the Firrodyians, the Pthaegoraeans, the Mrxsti and many others did not count on was the means the Starsmiths would be willing to adopt in order to protect themselves and their sacred teachings.

To the most orthodox Starsmith anvil-meisters, the Furnaces were an abomination of everything they believed in: They were weapons. They were very powerful weapons, powered by their microcosm technology and using the same principle as the Big Bang’s creation wave effect to produce a weapon so effective that it immediately adapted to the wielder’s size, age, fighting style, atmospheric conditions, the adversaries numbers, their age, their size, the weapons they were using, their fighting patterns in order to come up with the optimal attack and defense solutions for any and all situations.

A single Starsmith wielding a single Furnace had enough power to stop the advance of the various alien armies marching against their planet in a matter of seconds. An entire army of Starsmiths was capable of completely decimating them and leaving no trace of the defeated. So terrified were the allied races of the destructive power they’d just been witness to that they lost all interest in ever wielding it and afraid of any creature that could do so willingly and with the same abandon as the Starsmiths. The 7 original races scattered to the seven corners of the Universe, bowing an unbreakable oath to never again come together as one as they’d done that day for fear of history repeating itself.

And so, the Starsmiths were left alone, in the center of the Universe, amongst the wreckage of their home planet and the unending debris of their recent struggle. All of these they saw and realized they had lost their way and given in to the temptation of power. The Furnaces, once their greatest achievement had now become the symbol of their hubris.

And so it was decided that the Starsmiths could not continue. All of their tools, their technology and their discoveries was taken to the core of the Big Bang and was destroyed there in the burning crib of existence, every single Starsmith making a sacred oath never to craft again for as long as they lived. But this was not enough to make up for their great sin. Not to them, or to the Universe, or to the Blast, the Light and the Fire.

From within their ranks a single one would be chosen. He with the purest heart, the noblest disposition and the bravest spirit. He alone would have to carry the collective weight of their shame. He would have to carry on living, feeding on the power of the Furnaces grafted to each of his arms, an eternal reminder of their sins now repurposed as a tool to spread peace and understanding through the Universe, as the Starsmiths had always intended.

And so was Ahn Lu chosen. Chosen to forever roam the Universe in penitence.

The Last Starsmith.

#22 Subject 28910

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DOB: 15 March 1993

GENDER: Female

RACE: Sub-Saharan black; Irish; English; French; German CLASSIFIED DATA SECURITY LEVEL 2 OR HIGHER NEEDED


POWER CLASS TITLE: Manipulation – internal


  • Grade A Density-Shifting
  • Grade B Psionic Block
  • Grade A Invisibility
  • Grade C Durability

CURRENT HEALTH (PHYSICAL): Green (No immediate health concerns noted)

CURRENT HEALTH (MENTAL): Yellow (subject remains reticent during weekly group sessions and bi-weekly private sessions; not likely to be a danger to self or others)

OBSERVATIONAL NOTES: Subject 28910 (henceforth referred to as ‘Hiero’) PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS SUCH AS NAMES AND NICKNAMES ARE NOT PERMITTED FOR SUBJECTS AND ARE DISCOURAGED AMONG RESEARCH STAFF has performed exceptionally well in the physical training exercises. Completion of timed mazes are well above the average of her power class. Only Power Class which performs more quickly is the so-called “Red Bull” Class. SECONDARY SUB-CLASS TITLES DISCOURAGED AMONG STAFF ALSO WHAT IS ‘RED BULL’? Psionic blocks are well-within normal range for her class. Can block psychic penetration and obscure presence to the point that they cannot detect that she is present when utilizing ESP alone. Block is complete. Does not allow one mind in while keeping others out. Reconnaissance is recommended. Invisibility is above sub-class standards. Can render oneself completely invisible to naked eye. Can still be detected using heat detection and infra-red. Durability meets sub-class standards. Has difficulty maintaining Mohs Scale Hardness of 10 for more than 15 minutes. Duration is increasing steadily.

Personal interaction is low. Does not play well with others. Integration on teams is poor. Best performances are in solo tasks, but Power Class is more conducive to team membership.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Increase group rotation cycles and find a team she works well with. Work on durability and assign to reconnaissance specialization.

STATUS: < 50% chance of being CULLED

Character 16 – Hawkins

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More animation assignment characters! Hawkins is the first mate, but he’s also a bit more of a distinguished gentleman and deadly with swords. He’s probably my favourite of the main cast (not including Helga <3 <3 <3)

#15 Tumbleweed

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It had gotten so that he could only vaguely remember what not being tired felt like.  He knew it wasn’t age (he was only in his twenties, after all) but every joint in his body ached.  Most likely sleeping in ditches would do that to you.  Or not sleeping at all, depending on the town he was passing through.  Truth was, it was getting so that he could only vaguely remember anything.

It had gotten so that he couldn’t tell the difference between the parts of him that were crazy from sleep deprivation and the parts of him that were just plain fucking crazy.  But he could still remember when it started.  That memory was crystal clear.  That memory burned his eyes like a sharp wind on a below freezing night.

He had kissed her.  He could remember what she felt like, small, not as soft as most girls he’d held.  She seemed so small, so delicate that he had thought she would feel fragile when he held her against him and their tongues slid soft against each other, but she didn’t.  She felt small, hard, and strong, but she kissed soft and tasted like something green and fresh.  He remembered the feel of her warm skin under his fingers.

Then she stopped.  Everything in his world stopped, and as far as he could ever explain it to himself (and never out loud), that was the moment he caught the Crazy.  It was the name he gave it, the Crazy, because it felt a lot more like a disease than some sort of mental fracture.  And it wasn’t like he fell apart completely.

He just felt this need, a burning, pushing, impossible to resist need to go.  He had no idea where it was that he needed to end up.  But he did know what direction he needed to move in.  Only, he couldn’t feel it if his feet weren’t touching the ground, so it was walk, and keep moving.  Sleep on the ground ‘cause he’d long ago ran out of enough to pay for a room.  He was living off kitchens and churches, but it was weird, because whenever he was hungry- really hungry, weak from it, food would show up.  He hadn’t even had to sort through a single trash can.

So he kept moving, and jumped at the sight of himself when he caught his reflection.  His hair stuck out matted and crazy.  And his face was covered in scraggly hair.  His clothes had lost any sense of color, even the blacks had faded to some version of brown, and what skin on his body he could still see was either weirdly tan or weirdly dirty.  He couldn’t tell.  Not like he’d had prior experience in being a bum.  He was supposed to be a market research analyst, for chissakes, not the crazy walking guy.

Funny, he remembered the title, but not the work.  Whatever he had been doing, it had not only been boring, but it had been so pointless as to leave no trace of itself in his brain.  He remembered what the smoking area looked like.  Remembered the faces of his fellow tobacco loving refugees, even if he couldn’t remember their names.

What troubled him most was that he could not remember his family aside from very vague images and uneasy feelings.  He could not figure why that should be.  And he knew that he wasn’t going to figure a damn thing out until he had slept in a bed.  Most likely for a whole week.


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Encased in a nuclear suit of armor he often suffers severe meltdowns!

#22 – Elenora

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#22 Syv, the Bug Hunter

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Syv, the Bug Hunter

She is the last of her tribe. She is spoken of in reverence and a slight hint of fear. She hates bugs. And she’s really good at hunting them.



#22 – Zoa Appleton – Waitress

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Day22 - Zoa Appleton - Waitress by George Ward

Zoa is a waitress at the local dinner, Checkers, where she works with her husband Sam (Day 23).  Since it is a small establishment, she has to clean the place as well as wait on tables.  It’s a thankless job but it must be done.


#22: Inverse

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Day 22: Inverse

I was wondering what it’d be like to have an “inverse” of yourself from birth, instead of having to locate your other half later on in life. Two wholes instead of two halves. Spending the duration of your life dedicated to finding your inverse, in order to fulfill your biggest purpose.

This design was inverted from this previous design. I’ve wanted to make an inverse of him for so long, so I finally did.


day # 22 – Beth Laurian

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Beth is a mercenary. She grew up with the eastern barbarians before she headed west for to explore the world. She soon discovered that intimidation and violence would get her places. After loosing her eye she decided it was time to get some cannon fodder to work with her so she started the Red lions organization. She now spends her time yelling at the new recruits intimidating clients and waiting for a war to start.

#22 Katrina

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Former princess of the Kurn Empire, Katrina fled her home world during her people’s civil war, and following the disappearance of both her brother, Kelmscott and the emperor, her father Haston.  She fled to the Republic of Freedom seeking sanctuary, and has since become a powerful defender of the republic.

Character 15 – Chef

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Admittedly, it looks like I’ve been slacking off a little. That’s not entirely the case. I’ve been drawing characters daily, it’s just that I’ve not been uploading them! I’m fixing that now with Chef, one of the five characters I designed for a project at my uni. Enjoy!

#21 Fiyeri

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The fourth member of the Globe Taskforce that stayed at HQ after the drop-off, Vwip doesn’t have too much of a problem leaving whenever he wants anyways. A teleporter who acts as the team’s transport, scout, stealth and dirtier dealings. He also happens to be a bit of an instigator, always managing to get the team riled up. He also manages to get to the truth behind a lot of the members problems by doing so. He isn’t around often (leaving frequently to handle small crime out of boredom), but if he is there it is because Quake called him to get Auralysis out of her side of the base or Twist out a particularly bad rant. The second reason has been frequent lately, with Twist worried more then usual.

#21 Tony Connelly

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Irish transplant. Former Mormon. Likes to do things the hard way.

Image from Polyvore

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#22 The Pilgrim 1%

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The Pilgrim 1%

Are You ready for this? I teach art at an elementary school and we’ve been doing pilgrims… so I have a student we’ll call him Timmy (names have been changed) he is coloring his pilgrim red… this is what followed.

Me: Timmy? I see you are coloring your pilgrim red, Pilgrims usually wore basic black and white clothing…

Timmy: I’m making an EVIL pilgrim. Evil pilgrims wear Red, black is for good guys but my pilgrim is evil… and nothing is more evil than fire, so he has FIRE that comes out of the top of his hat. He is RICH he has a billion dollars in a stack and red eyes.

Me: *speechless*

It occurred to me later that this HAD to be the 1% of pilgrims as I had not ever heard of Evil pilgrims who were also billionaires… hence I am sharing this information with you. Thank you Timmy for enlightening all of us to the dangers of Thanksgiving history… it makes the 99% of Pilgrims seem a little less heinous in the light of this new information.

Happy Occupy Thanksgiving!


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One of the four who remained at the Globe HQ, she stayed merely out of a lack of a place to go. Her powers also somewhat prevent her movement. Hard to explain, but essentially she can read a person’s aura (Aura+Analysis=Auralysis) and create an in-depth psychological profile and even read their future within 99.9% accuracy; usually with the .01% being as insignificant as the color of clothing the person is wearing. Going out into public is a sensory overload for her.

Besides, the aura’s of the members at Globe have been odd as of late, and the mystery behind it is too much for her.

#22: Her Majesty

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She knows no light, only holes in the dark

She doesn’t know that it’s her world there in the spark

There’s nothing to know, no laws that she makes

all that she sees is the small form her might takes

And maybe she dreamed this all, but that begs a question:

if she’s been asleep, what happens if she awakens?

Where will we go when she awakens?


#20 Selin

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Self-described vagitarian, freelance photographer, mother to ferrets and a lovebird.

Image from Fuck Yeah Girls With Short Hair

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Twist’s best friend, he is one of the few members of the UN’s superhero Taskforce to stay at the Globe HQ after the down turn in meta-crime. His Terra-kinetic abilities rival Twist’s more atmosphere based weather control. Always able to call Twist on his more dramatic speeches or stupid moments. Twist usually respects his intelligence and go overs most situations with him first before acting, but recently Twist has been more impulsive and jumpy. He has been talking about weird feelings in the wind lately, and reaching out to there older teammates, even Tinky.