#18 – Starlight Moonwhispers

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Some people become hippies, other people have hippiedom thrust upon them. Starlight Moonwhispers was born a hippie.

Not really, though. She was born into a middle-class family, went to a nice high school and then off to a second-tier private college. It wasn’t until she fell in love with a man of extreme liberal passions that she turned vegan, stopped shaving, and adopted a new name. She quickly gathered friends, followers and hangers-on as an ardent activist for the environment and the animals.

As part of her daily routine, Starlight meditates. She finds a quiet place, sits down, and waits for the voice of Mother Earth to guide her. In her visions, she’s seen Gaia as “as uplifting, empowering, but terribly, terribly weak all at the same time. It was pale and thin and frail, but there was an inner strength that Starlight could see through her enlightened eyes.” That spirit implores Starlight to action, which leads to her and her activist group taking over the headquarters of a large oil company.

The next time Starlight Moonwhispers meditates, however, she has a very different meeting with the Earth Mother, and learns some very unsettling truths about the place that she – and humanity – has in the world.

Read her story here: Mother Earth

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