19 – Rutherford Duckworth III

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Despite his appearance of an eccentric but aimiable old man, Rutherford Duckworth III, also known as “The Ruddy Duck”, is considered by many in the spy trade to be the most dangerous man on the planet.  Not necessarily directly in a combat sense, although he is certainly an accomplished fighter, but because he runs the vast international spy network, which actually manages to remain secret in itself.  He has contacts everywhere, and even more people who owe him favours, and he is able to call both in to cause maximum damage to opponents.  He was a spy himself in his younger days, one whose tactic seemed to be being glaringly obvious to the point that noone would suspect he was a spy.  He still goes on the occassional mission, utilising his grappling hook umbrella and his cunning mind to outwit foes.  He tries to keep his mind sharp, by, amoung other things, playing chess by letter with Pato. 

Category: 2011, Drama, Steampunk

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