#20 Brenda Carmichael

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

While Searchlight is The Beacon’s partner and equal, Brenda is more like her sidekick. Brenda and Nancy Naymore (AKA The Beacon) have been best friends since they were in kindergarten. Nancy suspects (for good reason) that Brenda is mainly interested in being her friend because she has superpowers.


Brenda doesn’t have any powers of her own, but she is completely obsessed with people who do. She takes photographs and catalogues them along with the particular hero’s recent appearances, description, and powers. She wasn’t interested in learning about the men behind the masks, until Nancy got a job working for the I.P.P. Now Brenda helps Nancy collect the info that Nancy uses to expose the heroes’ secret, scandalous lifestyles.


In a world where superheroes are real, nerds who are infatuated with the super are legitimized, but still creepy in a stalkerish way. Brenda is very, very close with Nancy, and doesn’t like all the attention she is getting from her new partner, Searchlight. What measures she might take to protect or control her best friend remains to be seen…


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