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Self-described vagitarian, freelance photographer, mother to ferrets and a lovebird.

Image from Fuck Yeah Girls With Short Hair

Name: Selin. Just Selin.

Age: 28.

Appearance: Petite (barely over 5′). Olive skin, dark hair and eyes. Of Cuban descent. Piercings here and there; a number of tattoos. Her hair is short and varies in style from pixie to mohawk to half shaved and so forth. In contrast she usually dresses plainly, in jeans and t-shirts.

Personal: Bona fide genius IQ (above 140 but she isn’t telling). Graduated with a master of fine arts from SCAD in the time it took most of her age cohort to get a bachelor’s. Down to earth, somewhat shy but open with those she’s close to. Enjoys experimenting with which alcohols taste good in coffee.

Overview: After obtaining an MFA, concentration in photography, Selin moved from Savannah to Athens with her girlfriend Molly. Molly, having come into a bit of money when her grandmother died, decided to set up a commune of sorts and Selin’s along for the ride, managing to make a little money of her own taking photos for The Flagpole.

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