#21 “Captain Curveball”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Captain Curveball is a hero belonging to the group known collectively as “generic superheroes”. He can fly, lift heavy stuff, go fast, and woo women with his bulging muscles. He also has a very nice pompadour.


Cap. Curveball is a professional, hired hero, who is paid by a sponsor to save people and do other hero work in the name of said sponsor, in his case Super League Baseball. Captain Curveball is the star pitcher for the New York City Captains. Other Captains include: Captain Who (on first), Captain Catch, Captain Shortstuff, etc.


While Captain Curveball has a Secret Identity that he does all of his hero work and public appearances in, his S.I. is not registered with the I.P.P., so they make sure to keep a close watch on him. Tracking and tagging Captain Curveball is The Beacon and Searchlight’s first assignment together.


As far as personality, Captain Curveball has very little. Like most born and bred generic superheroes, he was raised believing he was better than normal people, and behaves like it. He saves people because he can, not because he wants to. His favorite feeling in the world, treasured even more than a rare orgasm with a feeble human woman, is defeating a rival team on the Super Baseball diamond. In a few words he is shallow and self-entitled, but it’s hard to blame him. After all, he was born better than the rest of us.

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