#21 King Sexytime

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King Sexytime

King Sexytime


when low-key gay middle manager Kendall MacCready  says the magic word “SWAJAM” he transforms into anarchic pansexual libertine KING SEXYTIME, and gains superhuman powers:

The Passion of Sappho

The Orgone energy of Wilhelm Reich

The Willpower of Aleister Crowley

The Perception of James Joyce

The Intelligence of Anais Nin

The perversity of the Marquis de Sade

It’s not known where Kendall McCready goes when he says the magic word, but it’s implied that he can see what KS is doing, and he doesn’t generally approve. He’s usually reluctant to say the word, seeing KS as a disgusting pervert. But he hates King Sexytime’s nemesis even more: villainous, repressive (and repressed) RAMROD, an armored enforcer who commits deeds of ugliness and violence with his face covered, during the night, or during peaceful gatherings of people during the day. Ramrod is rumored to not be a cop at all (and his badge is usually covered up), but in fact a reclusive billionaire. King Sexytime stops Ramrod’s violent rampages, usually by making him really, really uncomfortable. He just wants this uptight guy to relax and let go a little bit. Is that so bad?

The comic he’s in is called SEXYTIME ADVENTURES, and it is not for younguns.


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