#22 Belleza (Member of DR809)

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Belleza(pronounced Be-je-sa) is The Dominican Republic’s answer to an amazon warrior in a modern world. Her real name is Lorena Acevedo. Lorena is the second in command of DR809 and is the sexy strong confident powerhouse of the team and the mother figure to the team. In her off time, she’s a Television and film  personality and has a body most men(and women)will pay attention to on a daily basis. Lorena at one point as also a professional wrestler and body builder and loves going to the gym in her spare time.

Height: 5’10 Weight:240 lbs. Age: 25


Superhuman strength due to her years as a bodybuilder, able to pick up anything with ease, has hand to hand combat skills, and an healing factor.


She has a way with men, sometimes a flirt, not afraid to show emotion even if it cost her being alone. A go getter, and able to have a conversation and not be a pushover.

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