#22 – Rissandir den Raud

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Rissandir den Raud is a prince of the kingdom of Ardenspire. This is a kingdom that has been at peace for two generations, ever since his grandfather, Alden den Fevre, conquered the last of his enemies and crushed them beneath his heel. It’s been a benign peace, however. Rissandir’s father, Raud den Alden, is an excellent peacetime king, and his people know prosperity and security.

This means that there’s not a lot for his sons to do. Rissandir is the middle of three. His older brother, Calaris (#21), is first in line for the throne, and is therefore honest, hardworking and boring. The youngest, Lennick, is only three, and therefore isn’t very interesting yet.

As a “spare prince,” Rissandir knows that he has no official purpose in the kingdom. Therefore, he decides to make one for himself.

In spite of readily available magic, Rissandir has decided that he wants to be able to fly on his own. After years of study and research, he develops his world’s first heavier-than-air aircraft. His brother Calaris is adamantly opposed to this – they have ways to fly that are magical and safe, why do this?

Why indeed…? Rissandir is determined to fly on his own, even if it kills him. Which it may well do.

Read his story here: Prince of the Air, part one

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