#5 – Billy Lincoln

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Billy Lincoln of The Majors

I know – I’m WAY behind on this one. I’ll do my best to play catch up in the next week or so.

This is Billy Lincoln. He is the cartoon equivalent of RIM CEO Jim Balsillie, who unsuccessfully tried to relocate 3 teams back to his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Known for trying to make underhanded deals that circumvented the NHL’s policy on franchise ownership, Balsillie made a lot of enemies in his short time as a potential suitor for team ownership.

I decided to take the character one step further and make him an absolute slimeball. Billy Lincoln is a corporate tycoon who seeks to pluck the Motor City Majors from the Arnold family and relocate the team back to his hometown. He tries a number of different plans which are foiled by members of the Majors organization. He will end up acting as the foil to the Pratt brothers, and will be a thorn in their sides on many occasions.

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