No. 16 – 19: The Super Steel Action Warriors

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I was trying to make an epic shot of them all posing but realized how bad that would be. Also, Squeaky always comes out looking all jacked up.


Group Name: The Super Steel Action Warriors

Alias: Hybrid Thesis

Short Background:
No one could have predicted the amounts of success that the hip-rock band Hybrid Thesis would generate in a few short years. While nowhere near the levels of most musicians, they have certainly etched out a place for themselves. Another thing people would probably be surprised by is the fact that the band plays second fiddle to the groups real calling, killing the legions of monsters unleashed by the evil Lord Destruction-Anderson. No matter where they are, they are ready and willing to call upon the spirits of the long dead Steel Squadron and transform into the Super Steel Action Warriors. And should things prove to be too much, their Ultra-Mega-Super Mechs are always ready for a fight.

Individual Characters:

Will Stevenson- As the leader of both the band and the Action Warriors, Will is steadfast and dependable. However, he is also very insecure. While he doesn’t say so, Gray’s rising popularity makes him worry that he will soon be relegated to second fiddle in both groups. To ensure that doesn’t happen, he is now pushing himself twice as hard to stay top dog.

Will plays guitar and provides the lead vocals. He is the Red Warrior and pilots the Kodiak Mech.

Simon “Squeaky” Fox- The youngest member of the band. He is constantly underestimated by the others, but is loyal to a fault. He looks up to them and is constantly looking for ways to get better. He is a bit of a nerd and spends a lot of his time trying to make new gadgets for the team. He’s kind of like Alpha 5, but not as annoying and much more useful. Due to his young age, he is constantly watched over by his older twin sisters. If they only knew what he was capable of.

Simon plays bass. He is the Off-White Warrior and pilots the Gorilla Mech

Gray Wolf- The girl of the group. Originally created in a lab by geneticists, Gray escaped with her “sister” Timber. They lived like nomads until one day, Gray found the Action Warrior Medallion in a pile of trash while dumpster diving. Since then, her life has gone one hundred and eighty degrees. She has become the drummer of the band and is gaining her own fan base. Despite people’s sudden interest in her, she doesn’t really want the spotlight and would much rather stay in the background.

Gray is the drummer. She is the Silver Warrior and pilots the Wolf Mech.

Thaddeus Hightower- Thaddeus was once nothing more than a one-hit wonder rapper living off of the royalties of his single hit. Suddenly after buying the Action Warrior Medallion from an old homeless man, he found himself a member of an elite team of fighters protecting the world. By an unlikely coincidence, all of them were musically adept. Skip ahead a few years later and their band “Hybrid Thesis” is slowly taking the charts by storm. Thaddeus is more interested in the band and less so with the heroics. He wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t want to miss out on his second chance at success. Only time will tell if he can juggle both fame and the responsibility of being one of Neo York’s last lines of defence.

Thaddeus is the rapper. He is the Purple Warrior and pilots the Rook Mech.

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