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#24 Ghede Masaka

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“He is an androgynous or transgendered male gravedigger and spirit of the dead, recognized by his black shirt, white jacket, and white headscarf.”

His companion comes next!

#20,21 May & Boss

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May and Boss are great pals and they look out for eachother. Ironically,  May acts more like the boss sometimes…but Boss is happy to obey.


*A bit lack of creativity in my recent posts cus they’re more like little caricatures I’m doing of friends in my life….regardless…this was a fun one to do!*

#23 Vega Bordel

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#22 Viola Darling

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#23 Flora Blackwell

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I really don’t know how to explain how I got here, standing in my best friend’s apartment while washing blood from my clothes.

(It’s not mine or hers.)

I guess it started a few years ago when I was ten. The Puberty fairy came to me early, which wasn’t a very happy event. Imagine waking up one morning and not only does your chest hurt but it is apparently alive and growing and something is bound to burst out of your chest and you’re going to die a horrible death. I didn’t take it well, needless to say. That’s not the point, or the whole point. My point is, puberty is already hard to begin without adding freakish powers into the mix. That started when I was just about to enter high school. I suppose that it wouldn’t have been as bad as it was at first without those powers, so I do suppose I am grateful for them. Without those powers, I wouldn’t have been doing so poorly, letting my grades slip while I figured out what the hell was wrong with me. Without my grades slipping, my parents wouldn’t have noticed how badly I was suffering (not that they were completely inattentive, but some things did slip out of focus for them). Without my parents noticing, I wouldn’t have met Riley.

Riley is the best thing to have ever happened to me, and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for that, even to be normal.

(I’ll stop here about her, because otherwise I will go on forever.)

Do you want to know about this freakish power? It’s getting to be a growing news topic. Some people have even figured out the source of it. You might not have heard about it, but there used to be a town called Bramley. Long before I was born, my mother used to live there. She can’t remember too much about the explosion, only that it had been on a hot August night, so humid that your clothes stick to your body and you can’t get comfortable. That’s really the only thing she remembers about that night because the resulting explosion made everything meld together.

Oh, I should actually tell you about my power. I can heal people. I know you think that it’s a little lame, but it’s really not. I thought at first that – aside from it being absolutely strange and horrible – there wasn’t any real use for my power besides in a passive setting. Then I learnt something the hard way.

I can bring the dead back to life. (I just wish I could get the blood out of my shirt.)

It doesn’t work on all dead bodies, I’m sure. I haven’t had a chance to break into a morgue and test on someone embalmed or otherwise preserved, but I do know that it doesn’t work on those who have been cremated (alas, poor Snuffles, I never knew ye). But the freshly dead – they’re game.

Riley thinks I should test my power to the extreme, but I’m not a big fan of that idea. I know how my power works, but I don’t see the point in doing something probably illegal to figure this out. I’d rather take the chances to test my powers as they come. I can raise the dead, and I can heal any injury – including a crossbeam through my spine, but that’s an even longer story.

Riley’s other plan is one that I am surprisingly OK with, despite it basically painting a huge target on my back. I am also not a fan of Spandex, but I managed to talk her out of that one. It hasn’t stopped her from designing a superhero outfit for me, though. I also won’t have a choice when she finally does design one that I like. I can’t say that I am a big fan of these “sexy nurse” ones, or the ones that look like Superman’s threads mated with Sailor Moon’s.

(The Templar Knight one wasn’t bad, but she crumpled that one up a long time ago. Oops.)

Do you want to know more about me? I don’t see why that is of much interest to you. I’m nearly done my undergraduate degree and am terrifyingly aimless, except for Riley’s idea of making me into this town’s superhero (which wouldn’t be bad, considering the number of shootings in certain areas). Don’t ask how I’m supposed to support myself while doing that. Just because I can heal myself doesn’t mean that I can go without sleep. I still have a lot of anxiety issues, but Riley is wonderful in helping me with that (and insists that this “gig”, as she puts it, will help even more, but I don’t see how that will work). I still live at home with my parents, which is why I’m still in my best friend’s bathroom trying to get a once-dead-man’s blood out of my shirt (I think it’s a lost cause now).

My name is Flora Blackwell, and I no longer wish I could be normal like you.

Day 23: Wallbreaker

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Michael Spade was once part of the outlaw adventurer group known as The Division.  All but Spade and the groups leader Neuron were killed in an incident along with several other heroes involving an alien invasion in 1975.  That and the subsequent metahuman prohibition act caused Spade to go underground and assume another identity.  He became a logger and even got married and had a daughter.  However the government eventually caught up with him in 1999 and Spade was captured.  He was approached with an ultimatum by his former team leader and current leader of MEGA, Neuron to either join the group or face a minimum sentence of 30 years.  Spade chose the later, and became a begrudging member of the group.  Although his ability to alter his molecular density makes him valuable, he is also the groups loose cannon due to both the annimosity he has for the government, and his general distrust he has for Neuron.

Day 23: Goldie

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Too tired to do too many details LOL apparently last night I messed up the hand on the chick I drew 😛 This is Goldie…the fate of a lonely goldfish.

#23 – Chester

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I don’t know what to say about this guy except that you should probably keep your distance…


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The BakuThe allegiance’s of the Baku along with her real name are not very clear. For the time being she is assisting Nina on her mission to track down the kidnapped Concubines.

Day # 23 Openheimer

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Openheimer, much like his inspiration is a near immortal, though unlike the female denzein he still retains his soul. (thats a different story) Openheimer is fairly easygoing unless he is provoked or hungry. Most of the time he looks at the treasures hidden in the depths, here he is examining a particular pearl which used to belong to the aforementioned sea witch.

#23 – Kurosuki

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so yeah

#17 Marina

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She could feel the demon approaching her, could feel his intent zeroed in on her just as much as she could feel the interest in him the rest of the room was trying to hide.  He was smooth, it was obvious from the way he slid towards her, and clear in his intent.  So, most likely he’d been sent.  And she could well imagine by whom.  She’d been none too gentle with Jared.

But this demon was in for a few surprises, the first of which being that she wasn’t what Jared had led him to believe.  Not who, but what, because ‘human’ would only describe her in the barest of terms.  She wasn’t even certain if, at this point in the game, it would be appropriate for her to use that term at all.

Certainly she looked the part, even though her long black hair and pale skin gave her an ethereal quality, but she had long lost the important parts, those delicate and sensitive places in a soul that were the corner stones of both the strength and weakness of humanity.  She was cold and maybe even dead inside, she wasn’t sure, she was no necromancer.  She was only lost, trapped on dry land, and cursed to live.  She had no idea for how long.  She only knew that she had not aged, even though by all rights she should be dead and rotted out by now.

And even after all these years, she still craved the company of men enough to play these games, to become the story they wanted to hear.  And she would play her part so well that there was no parting that was kind.  But her kind were never exactly masters at gentle leavetakings.  It was traditionally their role to cut and run, if not the minute they saw fit, then the minute their captors let down their guard.  Because inevitably the longer she stayed, the harder it was for her lover to let go.

She wished she had been so wise when she had been young, and the city had been young, and the coast was still a wilderness.  When she had fallen so hard for a man that she had willingly given him her pelt, so that he could keep her with him, so that the sea no longer had a hold over her.  She had been exceedingly young and exceedingly stupid, and for all she knew the man she had thought she loved had been buried with her pelt beside him.

It would have fit the pattern.  It went along well with the curse he somehow laid upon her when she left him, if not for the sea, then at least for somewhere away from him.  She had thought that maybe time would have loosened his grip, his obsession, his anger.  But he died without giving her the one thing she wished for.  Her freedom to return to her home.  What she had too late come to realize was her true home, far off the shore, in the unforgiving depths that ranged the coastline.

She wondered idly, as the demon sat before her and speared her with his beautiful eyes, if he would like to savor her true agony.  She wondered if he would be another of many, incapable of letting her go, therefore incapable giving her the happiness that only her freedom could provide.  But he was a demon, so her happiness would never be an issue.  And without her pelt, she was but half a creature, her soul lost in the depths far off the shore somewhere.  She doubted she would ever let him deep enough to taste the sorrow that beat within her, as unrelenting and salty as the sea which daily called her down.  She wondered, though, if she did– would it be enough to drown him as it did her?

Day #25 Zombie Face

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Day #24 Zombie Face

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Day #23 Zombie

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Day #22 Zombie

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Day #21 Jackson Wyntrson

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Jackson Wyntrson


  • Albino
  • Billionaire
  • Former philanthropist who has lost hope for humankind
  • Decides to relocate to Titan to seclude himself
  • Is mistaken for a zombie once the outbreak occurs


#23 Carly Bonham

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She is a character that is going to appear in volume 2 of Beautiful Tragedy beginning (hopefully) in February of 2012.  Not to give too much away, but she will be introduced as an outspoken LBGT rights activist.


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#16 Blade

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#16 Blade


Smooth as silk and as sharp as glass.  He knew this was what he was, he knew this was what he looked like when he walked across a room.  He had it on good authority, and even if he may have been an utter failure of a demon, he could still feel the want, fear, and hunger he inspired.  He’d have to be dead not to, and half-starved as he always was, he was always ready to soak in what energy got thrown his way, even when it was little more than a vague unsettled irritation that he was not for them.

There was one who would give him far more than that, he knew.  She didn’t stand a chance. His next meal, his next treasure, his next masterpiece.  She had never met him, but the knew more about her than she probably cared for anyone to know at the moment.  But that’s what happens when you confide in and then brutally tear apart a boy who knows a thing or two about vengeance.  And Demons.

He was Summoned, as was proper, and the young man in question made his deal, the same deal that all of them make when they summon him.  Or summon an idea and get him.  for the rest of his life the man would relive all his torments, his personal tragedies, his agonies, upon Blade’s request.  It was a good deal, considering.  Most demons have far simpler requests- your soul, to torture for an eternity after death.  Although most of the time the detail about torture was left out.  In Blade’s opinion, one would be a fool not to expect it, though, when dealing with a demon.  Pain was, after all, their favored form of sustenance.

In exchange for the young man’s pain, Blade would exact a precise and vicious form of vengeance upon the girl in question.  Simply put, over time, he would destroy her.  Systematically.  Until the young man balked or the young woman died, most often by her own hand.  He would make the vengeful party watch, make them witness the fruits of their labor in excruciating detail, as these memories would be some of the most agonizing, and the guilt that came with them was one of Blade’s favorite flavors.

Fair?  No, it was not fair.  It might have seemed fair in the beginning, vengeance always does.  But one was a complete fool to think that calling upon hell for satisfaction would ever end gently.  Even when one was playing with a demon so far removed from his vicious origins that all he fed upon was the pain of justice meted out unmercifully on careless creatures who called out for hell itself to do a job they should have done for themselves in the first place.

And he was not so broken a demon as to ever consider mercy.

#22 Po’Boy Riley

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Sandwich aficionado. Skateboarder. Muay thai instructor.

Image from Un-Emo Haircuts

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#19 Samira

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Samira is a science and logic minded gal who is studying biology against her family’s wishes. This tension only escalates when she becomes accidentally pregnant, not to mention being abducted by aliens along with her boyfriend. While a steadfast atheist, she starts to realize the importance of her cultural roots, especially after meeting and befriending a plethora of alien life, and learning of their own family and cultural tensions. She wears her hijab as a symbol of Earth.

#18 Kendall Ramsey

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Ramsey is football player and an English major at a Southern Californian university, which are the only normal things about him. He was born female, and is equally comfortable in that skin—as his physical sex is something he can alter due to powers obtained from an alien visitation when he was younger. This contact made him a target, and he was abducted along with his pregnant girlfriend to a rag-tag group of misfit aliens from all over the galaxy. Ramsey’s DNA may hold the key to bringing back an extinct power and stopping a military crusade from completely crushing life in the galaxy.

Starting on a large batch of alien characters, which I’ve barely illustrated before now.



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Trying to get caught up.

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#19 – Mei-Mei the Red Pandadragon.

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This did not turn out as cute as I wanted it to.
Mmmm bamboo

#23 “Magic Medic”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Magic Medic is a hero who works entirely not for profit. His abilities are teleportation and healing. It’s not clear whether he can be hurt or killed; after many years he doesn’t appear to have aged at all, remaining at about 30. He can control when he teleports but not to where; he always teleports to the location where a person most needs his help. In a puff of smoke he appears before someone ill or injured, waves his hands over the wound or hides the person behind a curtain, and presto! When next the affected area is seen the person is completely healed. Magic Medic will go on extended jaunts healing people with no benefit to himself whatsoever, losing track of days and nights from traveling all around the world so suddenly. He is a good man and a true humanitarian.


When The Beacon was just a little girl and she’d fall and scrape her knee, Magic Medic was always there. Nancy’s distress call always trumped even that of a dying person. Now that Nancy is older, she hardly gets hurt so much and when she does, she hardly gets as upset, so she hasn’t bumped into the Medic in many years. When next she calls on him, it will be because she is gravely wounded. He will recognize her as Little Nancy from all those years ago, and she will recognize him even though his costume has changed a bit from all black scrubs and top hat to all white. Nancy will be reminded of a mild childhood crush she had on the Medic, one of the only truly decent heroes she has ever met. If they share a brief romance, it would be limited to just that, because the Medic’s work takes precedence over his love life. Perhaps the Medic is tempted by the life where he can focus on his own personal happiness, but The Beacon has to break up with him to get him to go back to his much more important work.

#23 The Bounty Hunter

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“I already know what you want. You want to make a deal. They always want to make a deal. No deal. NO DEAL!”


#22 Triple A

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The vampire remote had sucked all of Stan’s current dry, and Triple A was going to be next. If only he could roll under the sofa, Triple A might be safe until spring cleaning.

Day 23: Sheriff Donahue

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Sheriff Donahue rides his cow, Rutherford around the desert town of Barnabord daily. He has been sheriff for the past 10 years, and has no plans of retiring any time soon. At the age of 42, he has a wife and two children, ages 10 and 13. He speaks in a long drawn out low voice, and enjoys listening to recordings of violin concertos.


#19 Barry “The Republican” Burrito

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Here’s another suggestion from facebook.

“Barry Burrito, the republican burrito…unfortunately this burrito is full of s@#$!”

Really wasn’t sure how to render a S@#$ filled burrito so I gave him a big mustache, close enough right?