22 – The Awesomist

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… continued from Character #21, Red Giant & the Solar Sword…


Bobby Baker was not a bright man.  He also generally lacked ambition, living out his days moving from one janitorial job to another.  He did, however, desire fame.  Bobby idolized the extra-normal heroes he saw on the nightly news before his programs came on, those programs largely consisting of reality television.  Baker sent videos and filled out entry forms to any and all shows for the chance to be on TV and, as he says when asked, “rake in the benefits.”

Bobby was mopping the floors of a hall way in a government laboratory facility, a job he acquired with the help of a distant relative, when the Secret Soldiers stormed the building in pursuit of a contingency of Donarrians.  The Donarrians, known for their quest for weapons, had discovered that this particular government building housed an experimental subluminal starship engine that had been confiscated from the Donarrians during their encounter with the Red Giant.

Bobby took cover in a storage closet, but kept the door ajar to watch the battle.  As Bobby’s luck would have it, the janitorial closet he selected shared a wall with the engineering lab where the sought after engine was stored.  An errant shot from Blue Bazooka’s armament hit the engine, rupturing the housing containing whatever extraterrestrial energy source that powered the thruster.  The ensuing explosion engulfed the broom closet and poor Bobby Baker.

Bobby was transformed by the mysterious power set free from the engine.  His physique took on heroic proportions and came with incredible strength, endurance, accelerated healing.  These new properties of his body became evident when he emerged from the closet in time to save a downed Blue Bazooka from an approaching Donarrian.  In addition to his superheroic physical make-over, Bobby discovered he could emit blasts of energy from his eyes with devastating results, an ability never before seen in an extra-normal.  These eye beams took down the remaining Donarrians and ended the battle at the laboratory.

After testing, Baker turned down the Enforcer’s offer to join his Secret Soldiers.  Instead the transformed Bobby Baker headed for Hollywood where he now stars in his own show under his new superhero name, the Awesomist!  On the show he fights crime, with input from the viewing audience, and performs stunts that only his awesome body can withstand for the enjoyment of the masses.  His trademarked Awesome Strength, Awesome Vision and Awesome Invulnerability have landed him lucrative advertising contracts, merchandizing and acting gigs as a favorite among America’s impressionable youth.  Catch all new episodes of The Awesomist Saturday nights at 10 pm EST, Its AWESOME!

America’s love the extra-normal was at an all time high, or low depending on who you asked.  This halcyon time, however, took a turn to the dark with the appearance of…


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