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| November 23, 2011 | 3 Comments


Mira doesn’t fit in at school, and even her family thinks she’s a freak.  When she finds what appears to be an old Walkman radio and casually spins the dial, she finds herself on a different reality frequency.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to tune the dial back to her own reality….  The only one where humans are the dominant species-  and the only one where she doesn’t have superpowers!  Every frequency:  A new alien world, a new super power-  And what has become of the original owner of the “radio”… The Freq trapped in Mira’s world?

FreQ is © and TM Mike Dubisch

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Category: 2011, Fantasy, Scifi, Superhero

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  1. MikeDubisch says:

    The actual logo will replace the “Q” with a dial/knob graphic….. My sketch for it seemed a bit to rough to share 😀

  2. I wopuld have totally had the hots for her in my teen years!

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