#23 La Fuerza (Team member of DR809)

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La Fuerza(The word Fuerza is pronounced fu-er-sa) means “The Force” in Spanish.

He is the strongman in DR809. At times very charismatic and charming to those around him and able to win anyone over just by being himself. Like his namesake, he is a force to be reckoned with in battle. Never afraid of a good fight, and can give anyone a good fight when he has to. He wears his shades because he wanted to stand out among the rest of the team. At one point he was misguided and lost on the streets of his hometown in Los Minas, located in the capital city of Santo Domingo, but now has found a place to belong as a member of DR809.  La Fuerza’s real name is Sergio De los Milagros.

Height:6’3 Weight:245 lbs. Age;38


Super strength and endurance, able to withstand pain, able to lift anything with ease, able to leap and land on the ground with ease.


Easy going, easy to get along with, and also hardheaded at times, at time very vocal about what he wants.


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