#23 “Magic Medic”

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Universe/Storyline: The Beacon

To read a sketchy comic introduction to The Beacon featuring some horribly drawn stick figures, feel free to visit this photobucket album.

Magic Medic is a hero who works entirely not for profit. His abilities are teleportation and healing. It’s not clear whether he can be hurt or killed; after many years he doesn’t appear to have aged at all, remaining at about 30. He can control when he teleports but not to where; he always teleports to the location where a person most needs his help. In a puff of smoke he appears before someone ill or injured, waves his hands over the wound or hides the person behind a curtain, and presto! When next the affected area is seen the person is completely healed. Magic Medic will go on extended jaunts healing people with no benefit to himself whatsoever, losing track of days and nights from traveling all around the world so suddenly. He is a good man and a true humanitarian.


When The Beacon was just a little girl and she’d fall and scrape her knee, Magic Medic was always there. Nancy’s distress call always trumped even that of a dying person. Now that Nancy is older, she hardly gets hurt so much and when she does, she hardly gets as upset, so she hasn’t bumped into the Medic in many years. When next she calls on him, it will be because she is gravely wounded. He will recognize her as Little Nancy from all those years ago, and she will recognize him even though his costume has changed a bit from all black scrubs and top hat to all white. Nancy will be reminded of a mild childhood crush she had on the Medic, one of the only truly decent heroes she has ever met. If they share a brief romance, it would be limited to just that, because the Medic’s work takes precedence over his love life. Perhaps the Medic is tempted by the life where he can focus on his own personal happiness, but The Beacon has to break up with him to get him to go back to his much more important work.

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